Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This is my story. It is rambling, sometimes crude, always poorly written. But it is mine.

My wife had an affair. I found out almost 5 years ago. With God's help, we made it.

I started writing all this down to help me work some things out. I hope others can benefit from it. This is particularly for the people who are wondering if it is possible to heal a marriage rocked by an affair. Anything is possible for God.

If you want the story, the posts are listed below in order.

I must warn you now: In going back through the story and my feelings, I tend to be fairly blunt in my writings. Sometimes the hurt and anger comes through. I use adult language and images to discuss a very adult situation. But while I was able to tap into the anger I felt at various times in the story, you should always remember that my wife is a brave woman. She is good. She is pure. She made a mistake, but the woman that I will kiss goodnight this evening is not the same person that she was in the times discussed in this blog.:

First post
Chapter 1 - D-day
Chapter 2 - D-day part 2
Intermission - How things are now
Chapter 3 - D-day part 3
Chapter 4 - Sunday, D-day +1
Chapter 5 - Q&A - Learning the details
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 - her job
Chapter 8 - talking to the other guy
Chapter 9 - Rings and things
Chapter 10 - How things change
Chapter 11 - Sex - The Ups and Downs
Chapter 12 - The Revenge Affair
My email address
Chapter 13 - The residue
Chapter 14 - False memories
Chapter 15 - Spiritual Roller Coaster
Chapter 16- Rediculous things I have done
Chapter 17 - 4 years and counting
Intermission / Feedback and comments
Chapter 18 - Passing it On
Chapter 19 - You can't fix each other
Chapter 20 -- Commitment and Withdrawal
Chapter 21 -- Permanent (?) rewiring
A clarification
Why Bother?
Chapter 22 -- Who cares what people think?
Chapter 23 - Pop-up Ads -- Dealing with unwanted thoughts